About Us

Nityam Health Services... a unique of its kind in the field of health services! 'Nityam' deals with two types of services:

  • 1. Health Education Seminars and workshops
  • 2. Geriatric services called as "nana-nani" services

The seminars and workshops are designed keeping in mind the explosion of life style disorders like Obesity, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Attacks, Backache, Aging problems and Stress related Mental problems. As the name indicates, life style disorders cannot be cured by medicines only but you must change the life style and the first step towards change in the life style is- Health Education.

Dr. Ramesh Chaksota (Thakkar) strongly believes that Health Education is the key to prevent such problems and is the key to healthy, wealthy and happy life!
In all the seminars and workshops 'Focus' remains on the improvement of life-style through 5 steps programme- called as 'NEEDS'!

  • N- Nutrition: Correct nutrition food and perfect calorie diet
  • E- Education: Medical and scientific knowledge about the disease
  • E- Exercise: Scientifically recommended exercises
  • D- Dhyan (Meditation): Meditation to calm down and control the mind
  • S- Stress Management: Stress management techniques

'NEEDS' is the need of hour and a key to a Happy Life!

Geriatric services

'Nityam' also deals with Geriatric services called as 'nana-nani' services for elderly citizens. About 10-12% of Indian population is elderly population which suffer from various types of multiple problems like mobility problem, heart problem, Stroke, Chronic Pains, Nutritional deficits, Memory problems, disabilities and bed-riddenness. The whole family can suffer tremendous physical, mental and economical stress if a senior citizen falls prey to any of the disease, and it can become a major social and economical problem of the society!

Dr. Ramesh Chaksota (Thakker) is a qualified allopathic practitioner, who also believes in the Mind-Body-Soul medicine and Holistic approach towards cure of any disease. He also believes that prevention is always and always better than cure.

Graduated from Grant medical college(J.J Hospital, Mumbai), he has also done post graduate diploma in the Maternal and child Health (PGDMCH) and post graduate diploma in Geriatric Medicine(PGDGM) from reputed B.J Medical college, Pune, under the Indira Gandhi National open university. Doing clinical practice since last 32 years, he is a good family Physician, a better ,Paediatric consultant and a Geriatric consultant!

Through his Health Motivational programmes, he has motivated thousands of people to live a healthy life. Teaching is his passion and is an excellent Motivational coach and a life coach. Thousands of people have experienced a ,'Spark' in his programmes! He is also a Life style disorder specialist and a qualified Nutrionist who guides about healthy dietary habits in his programmes. Not only that, there is a live demo of 'healthy cooking' in many of his programmes.

Geriatric Service Details

  • Monthly regular check-up
  • Day-care services
  • Short term stay services
  • Long term stay services
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation services
  • Pain management services
  • Osteoporosis screening, Peripheral Neuropathy screening camps
  • Various Health Education and awareness programs for senior citizens
  • Chair yoga, Pure Meditation, 'NEEDS', etc services.

Mission : Happy Life for All !

Vision : Happy Life through Health education !

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