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All would live long but no one would be old

The above statement was made by Banjamin Framklin, centuries ago, but, neither did he nor any one else who appreciated the quote knew how this would really be possible until science, as always, came to human rescue with the art of "Nityam Health Services" which promises to gift an eternal youth to those who dream to live disease free and youthful life till the end.

Today is an era of 'Lifestyle disorders' like Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Anxiety, Depression, Backache, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Memory Loss, and many other stress related disorders. These disorders with unhealthy lifestyle bring premature aging and loss of happiness in the life.

Nityam... an initiative taken by Dr. Ramesh Chaksota (Thakkar) to bring a revolutionary change in the lives of the people... "Raho Yuva Sada Ke Liye "... 'Nityam' works towards making the age old saying applicable in all lives, and breaks the belief that pain, diseases, unhappiness are the pre-requisites of human life! "Prevention is better than cure"... Nityam is not only about diagnosing and treating the diseases, but it is also about building a healthy foundation that would prevent every human being from the crutches of sickness. "Nityam" deals with health related seminars and workshops; e.g

  • Pro-Heart: Seminar and workshop for the prevention of heart disease
  • Pro-Slim: Seminar and workshop for the prevention of obesity
  • Pro-Backe: Seminar and workshop for the prevention of backache and arthritis
  • Pro-Sex: Seminar for sex education and art of love making
  • Pro-Skin: Seminar for skin problems and anti aging solutions
  • Raho Yuva Sada Ke Liye: A seminar and workshop to remain youthful throughout life. ( Ageless body, Timeless Mind, Endless Money )

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